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Muttikulangara near Olavakkode is a village in Palakkad District with a tradition of 300 years of treatment.

We  manufacture  different kinds of Ayurvedic Oils for various treatments and for all ages. 

Keeping the same quality, purity and tradition of ayurvedic products made from pure coconut oil mixed with various herbs. 

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Muttikulangara Oil“, is a medicine that relieves body ailments including fractures and bruises.

Origin of Muttikulangara Oil

Three hundred years ago, Velandivaidyar, a native of Muttikulangara, found a large fish in the field. He cleaned the fish and wrapped the pieces it in the leaves of a nearby tree. Vaidyar was amazed when he unwrapped the leaves in the evening. The fish pieces are fused in pieces, and the marks of the cut were disappeared! This is where the world-famous Muttikulangara oil begins! The fish-wrapped leaves and other medicines were prepared in leaves used to cover fish, added with other required medicines, and  oil prepared from coconut oil. The result of applying oil in the right humans was a surprise, which was very surprising! The way he was cured and relieved of pain. This popular drug or folk medicine was transmitted to the world through the hands of the Velandi doctor. Kunchan Vaidyar, the grandson of Velandivaidyar and later Raman Vaidyar, was the main link in this generation till recently. For over seventy years, Karunakaran Vaidyar has been able to dedicate the medical legacy he has inherited to the country. He had been a hand-holding figure in medicine, public and agriculture, and had been in the heart since childhood the glory of “Muttikulangara Oil“. After his death, his eldest son and second son Rajesh Vaidyar are currently incharge of the  treatment at the Raman Vaidyar Hospital. Both of them are passing on the benefits of “Muttikulangara Oil” to the people through the traditional route. This herb is made by mixing of 11 types of herbs and 11 types of Ayurvedic medicines in pure coconut oil and is used to treat ailments like fractures, bruises, sprains, bruises, sprains and strains.

Treatment for sprains and strains. 

Sprains are more likely to occur easily in people who work out in sports and sprains. Sprained individuals are rubbed with oil on the area where the problem occurred. This oil is used to quickly heal muscle damage caused by sprains.

BruisingMuttikulangara oil is a good medicine for bruising. Bruising occurs when the body is hit or beaten, and the bruise is a discoloration of the injured parts. No injury or blood flow occurs to the  person who is bruising, but the blood clots in black blue. After first observing the nature of the bruising, then rubbing the oil and tie it with a cloth, the knot is untied and the medicine is re-tied. Bruising treatment is an effective treatment that can be healed with the maximum number of people in a week.

 A young man named Vipesh, 31, describes his experience

Vipesh is a technician at Thrikkaripur airport. There were disc malpractice symptoms for ten years. Difficult to stand up, unbearable back pain, unable to sleep or sleep at night, he saw many doctors in Kozhikode, all of them were of the opinion that they needed surgery. But he was financially difficult. So it did not work and tried a lot of Ayurvedic medicines also. That’s when i heard the Muttikulangara oil. I was none too convinced when i said, “I’ll get better in a month,” after the doctor’s examination.  

In the words of Mr.Vipesh ..        

I massaged the neck to hips continuously for the whole week. I started feeling less painful. As the treatment continued for the rest of the day, I was able to use my bike and ride after massage. Now Vipesh is recovering most of his illness. Vipesh’s eyes are only a glimmer of the life that has been restored. He is now ready to go to the Gulf.

 Rajesh Vaidyar shares another experience. A young man who had fallen from a coconut tree and had a spinal injury returned home after a year of allopathic treatment. He was bedridden at home and the patient was in the same bed with no defecation and no movement below the waist. The young man’s mother came first. After hearing all the details, she decided to treat him. First rubbing the oil from his neck to feet. There was no response from the beginning. But within two weeks he started to feel pain in the lower part of the waist .It was a good sign for both the doctor and the patient. Then within a week the patient began to notice urination. Gradually his legs began to shake. After three months of treatment, he was able to stand up and hold on. He’s back to life now. Rajesh Vaidyar believed that he would be able to do his own thing gradually with proper treatment. Similarly, Subhash from Manissery near Ottapalam fell from the roof of a shed. The spine is the problem. The doctors advised him to lie down for six months and take medicines. He was treated after a month of unbearable pain. He was brought home. Three days later he was brought here. And after a week of destiny, he was massaged. Then after two weeks of treatment, he went home with a motorbike. Now its years old. He’s doing his job well.

This medical series has many such experiences. This oil is very useful for animals besides humans. Every member here is grateful for the fact that he was born in this medical family that gave fame to Muttikulangara

We are thankful to the Almighty God, the Gurus and the Goddesses. We all believe that our duty is to carry forward the human birth we have received, trying to make full use of this precious heritage to benefit the people.