TokenTact Review 2024: Best Crypto Trading Bot for Beginners?

Moreover, its terminal provides TokenTact Bitfinex bots, as well as a ByBit TokenTact futures market. Worth noting is that the TokenTact Coinbase partnership only covers the Coinbase Pro (GDAX) version of the US trading platform. As we mentioned previously, the TokenTact grid bot works within a specified price range, making it ideal for turning a profit in a sideways market. Its goal is to capture minimal price movements by splitting this range into multiple grid levels.

This will allow you to live test your TokenTact strategy to see if it’s profitable without using real money. If the market goes your way, the bot sells the assets at the required target and you pocket the difference, it’s as simple as that. However, this DCA bot strategy takes a whole other dimension when the market goes against you.

TokenTact requires a subscription and regular fees to use the bot. The price is less flexible because the platform doesn’t offer a referral program. Mizar is subscription free, which means users can trade with Mizar or copy-trade and pay on usage. Mizar is free to use up to $10k traded volume per month and users get $5 for free to be used for copy-trading. Like everything on 3 commas, there are some variables you can tweak, and try to ramp up your gains.

  • The first offering in the crypto trading bot segment is the DCA bots.
  • The mobile web experience does what I need so not a deal breaker.This is probably the MOST important trading tool I use and I will gladly pay for their pro plan as it’s paid for itself 100x over.
  • The developers don’t provide us with actual trading results or backtest reports.
  • Any action taken by the reader based on this information is strictly at their own risk.

With the help of this crypto trading bot, they can build their portfolios at a meager cost of acquisition. With the HODL bots, they can negate any hassle they face while implementing their trading strategies. TokenTact is not very forthcoming with details in regard to the security protocols which they deployed.

It’s a demanding tool to master, as it requires good knowledge of how options trading works. The last type of bot in this crypto trading bot review for TokenTact is the options bot, only available for the Deribit crypto options exchange. The TokenTact trading simulator can be a great way for you to practice your crypto trading strategies without needing to risk your own funds. Maybe there is a trading strategy idea you have in mind that you would like to test over historical data, the simulator would be ideal for that. If you are a beginner then you may want to take a look at some of the predeveloped TokenTact crypto bots that you can copy signals from. On the other hand, if you have your own trading strategy, you can create your own unique crypto robot and even share it with other users in the community.

Many traders will find TokenTact to be cost-prohibitive, but its pricing tiers are transparent and there are no hidden fees. This bot automatically buys assets when it is a good time to enter the market. Find out more about its features and what makes it good or bad for trading crypto with our review. One of the nice things about the GRID bot is that you can have the slices determined automatically for you using the AI setting, or you can set up the slices manually. If you set up the bot manually, you can decide the price levels of the maximum and minimum slices and the price range covered by each slice.

It underscores the importance of adaptability in trading and the benefits of revisiting strategies based on new insights or tools available. This iterative approach to trading, where strategies are revisited, tweaked, and optimized, is a hallmark of successful trading in volatile markets. This is where you go to set up and unleash your bots to trade hands-off. You remove your emotions out of the equation and free time for other activities while the bot tracks the market and does the trading for you. With a proper setup, this can lead to a solid stream of passive income every day/month.

TokenTact review

You’ll also see a consolidated view of all your exchange accounts in one window. Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) bots allow you to automate buying at regular set intervals into selected cryptocurrencies. You can choose to DCA daily, weekly, or monthly and set your purchase amount. There’s also an enterprise option with custom-built trading automation tools tailored for asset managers. Features include priority support and dedicated infrastructure, with more features to come. TokenTact has earned a stellar reputation by delivering functionality, removing hidden fees and implementing innovative automated trading tech on a user-friendly interface.

As you may have noticed on April 2, 2019, BTC price started to grow rapidly. Altcoins couldn’t follow cryptocurrency #1 results, they’ve started to slide down, and many of them are in a drawdown, lower than their entry points. It’s more interesting to see the way signals work while the altcoins’ market is falling.

As if all the other features weren’t enough, traders can also head to the TokenTact marketplace to access trading signals. In a sideways market, grid bots can perform quite profitably if a trader knows when and how to deploy them and when to shut them down. Yes, TokenTact can be used via mobile apps specific to the Android and iOS ecosystems. The mobile apps offer a very simplistic interface, allowing you to place trades, activate bots, and experience paper trading with ease. However, you can also use the web interface if needed, which is equally usable. TokenTact doesn’t have any country or region-wide restrictions to adhere to.

If you unlock the Pro-plan, you can even prime to DCA bots to reinvest profits. Also, you can even command the bot to initiate “Take Profit” trades — which follow the price surges without selling, and even set stop losses to minimize massive drawdowns. Still offers a marketplace-like experience in addition to other features like a trading strategy designer, a customizable dashboard, and backtesting support like TokenTact. Simply put, TokenTact has a crypto trading bot for every season, ensuring that traders can ride the bullish, bearish, or even sideways market with the same precision. TokenTact is a crypto-focused trade platform that comes loaded with diverse trading tools, user-friendly interfaces, and strategies.

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